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Whatsapp video calling feature : WhatsApp’s impending support for video calling appears to be closer to launch. According to new reports, the feature is now functional in some of the beta builds of the Android application.All the Whatsapp Users (i.e.) Android mobile & iPhone users who download & install the latest version of Whatsapp were able to use the Video call feature on whatsapp.

Whatsapp came up with the idea of adding Whatsapp video call to Whatsapp Messenger with download Latest Whatsapp Version 2.16.80. or with latest Whatsapp Video call Apk. To world surprise before the launching of WhatsApp Video Call feature most of the users are already started searching for whatsapp video calling feature,After receiving huge demand from the audience whatsapp team decided to bring the free video calling feature on whatsapp. Popular search engines witnessed trending hunts like Whatsapp free video call, Whatsapp free video calling, Whatsapp video calling apk, Whatsapp video calling feature. The day arrived most widely rumoured, video calling feature on WhatsApp Messenger for android made available.

whatsapp video call apk

We’ve been waiting for WhatsApp video calls for a while now, and it looks like the feature could finally be getting close.Here is an ultimate guide to enable Whatsapp Video calling Feature to android or iOS devices. Follow the steps carefully and activate Video call on whatsapp immediately.

The latest build (2.11.508) Whatsapp video call Version has this feature. You first need to download Whatsapp latest version from the official website. As this feature is still in beta mode , not everyone can download & install the latest build. Whatsapp has not officially rolled out on all devices. But when we gave a try on our device. we were able to do whatsapp video calling and features were awesome. The video quality of whatsapp is good. Do you want to give a try? Want to know to how to enable Whatsapp video call ? Follow the steps below to do the same.

Download WhatsApp’s Recent Beta Builds Now

For now, the Video calling feature is limited to WhatsApp’s recent beta builds, reported Android Police, which first spotted the feature.The feature’s been spotted in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and for Windows Phone, but unfortunately, to actually make a video call, both parties must have the beta app installed

Download WhatsApp Video Calling Apk Free – Latest Update

So, you either need to sign up to become a beta tester and update to WhatsApp (Beta) straight from the Google Play Store or download the latest build for WhatsApp Android from APKMirror and give it a try.

whatsapp video calling feature

 However, even if the feature doesn’t work, there is a possible trick that you can try in order to activate the WhatsApp Video Calling feature.

Possible Trick to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Backup all your chats,
  2. Wipe WhatsApp data,
  3. Download latest WhatsApp(2.16.318) Version .
  4. Log in again on WhatsApp.

You can try the above trick that had helped some users activate the video calling feature, but make sure you successfully backup your chats first.

Activate/Enable WhatsApp Video Calling Feature – Activate [ How To *]

Steps to enable Whatsapp Video call for Android Phones:

Step #1: Android users must first update their app to latest version, in order to get this feature activated on the mobile phone

Click here to download latest version of Whatsapp  to activate free Whatsapp video calling

whatsapp video call download free apk

Step #2: The file size is 18.52 MB and as said earlier we would require Android 2.1 or higher version running in your android device to receive the video call

Step #3: After download, click on Install button

Step #4: Now Whatsapp video call will be enabled on your mobile phone successfully

Note:If the person on the other end doesn’t have video calling enabled yet they’ll just get a voice call. You’ll still be able to see the video calling UI, though. The call log shows that as a video call, but tapping the video button just pulls up an error message saying like whatsapp video calling invite.

Reportedly, WhatsApp Video Calling feature also provides an option to mute the call. You can even switch between the front and rear camera on your phone, just like any other video calling apps. Your app’s call history list now displays both video and voice calls.

Whatsapp video call On iOS:

whatsapp video calling on ios is still in progress as there is no beta version available so far.we will keep updating the article as soon as it rolled out.whatsapp video call on iphone will be a storm of course but it needs thorough testing as the other video calling apps are there in competition.

Final Verdict.

With whatsapp video call release in a stable version for over 1 Billion users in the coming weeks, the WhatsApp Video Calling feature could effectively ruin the market for Google  video calling app allo and duo, which has been released just few month ago.Thanks for reading Latest whatsapp video calling apk download update &  activation steps with patience.share this article and pelase let us know your experience through comments.we’ll let the feedback reach the official whatapp team thanks.


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