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Activision has announced Call of Duty mobile season 6 update¬† for it’s popular First Person Shooter Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 aka “Once Upon A Time in Rust” comes online on 1st May,2020 12AM GMT.

Head over to Google Play Store and download the update , which is around 1.8 GB.

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 update has brought the much anticipated new Multiplayer map RUST for all the fans of the call of duty series. As you may know, RUST is the iconic map where Captain Price and Soap MacTavish put an end to General Shepard with a knife throw.

So , let’s take a look at what are the new changes and items this season 6 update has to offer.

New Event System

The main menu has been redesigned to provide all important details at your finger tips. Events have been organized under Featured, Seasonal, Daily and More. Various new challenges have been added which provide players with appealing rewards

BATTLE PASS Tasks have been removed

You no longer need to check back and complete annoying tasks to earn Battle Pass XP. Instead, you earn XP by simply playing MP and participating in Battle Royale as well as Limited Time modes. It makes it so much easier to gain levels. Players who buy the Battle Pass earn bonus 25% XP in each round.

The Call of Duty mobile Season 6 update brings all new Ghost – Cowboy and Seraph – Desparada skins for those who buy the Battle Pass as well as New Heat Stroke weapons

Free pass players need not worry as Call of Duty mobile Season 6 rewards them with a brand new Sniper Rifle OUTLAW which is Tier 12 rewards. As for new weapons, The Pharo 3 round burst fire SMG has also been added to the game for free players which will be unlocked by completing Close Quarters challenge.

As introduced in Season 5, Call of Duty mobile Season 6 update marks the return of the monthly login rewards which rewards the players with skins and guns just for simply logging into the game.


Capture the Flag : Gold Edition.

Call of Duty mobile Season 6 update also brings a brand new mode called Capture the Flag : Gold Edition. This is a 2 round mode where players protect their gold while attempting to steal their opponent’s gold. Capture the flag mode will be available on Rust, Crossfire, Raid, Hijacked and Standoff.

1v1Duel :

3 rounds, 1v1, may the best one win. Loser picks weapon on next round. Best of 3 wins. This is a close quarters mode available in smaller maps such as Saloon, Kill house and Cage

Kill Confirmed :

Tired of noobs camping with S36 and ASM10 ? Well no more worries, as Call of Duty Mobile season 6 update brings Kill Confirmed mode, where players collect downed enemy dog tags for points or downed teammates tags to deny points. First team with 40 confirmed kills wins. This mode will be available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff and Meltdown


Helicopters can deploy flares against incoming FHJs

New BR class Poltergeist is coming soon which grants near invisibility for a short duration, however , you cannot use any weapons or your invisibility will be cancelled.



The Call of Duty Season 6 update has been huge, close to almost 2GB , but it also brings loads of free guns and character skins for the F2P fan base. Lets take a look at the challenges and corresponding rewards :

CTF Challenge – AK47 Bandit

CTF challenge reward AK47 Bandit

Rust the Dust – M4 Bandit

Survey and Destroy – Special Ops1 Desert

Close Quarters Master – Pharo Bandit

Elite Marksman – Locus Flowing Bronze

Survival of the Fittest – Nomad Wild Snake

Battle Pass Tier 12 rewards players with brand new Sniper : Outlaw.

This is perhaps the most notable addition in this season. The Outlaw Sniper is the fastest scoping in sniper in the history of Call of Duty. it also boasts superior mobility and fast reload. However, you must aim for the head or upper chest to guarantee a kill.

There is also a hidden SMG being launched, but our sources say its none other than CORDITE.

It will be released on 15th of May,2020 as a special event for Call of Duty mobile season 6 update.

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