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iphone 7 release date:-The rumors about iPhone 7 release date have been surfacing around the world and it is being predicted that the this premium iphone 7 release date  could be  in Q4 of the year 2016. There is no clear understanding whether the new iPhone will be only iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus too as some of reliable sources believe it will be iPhone 7 and some other think the tech giant may release iPhone 7 Plus as well just like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.But let’s see iphone 7 release date, iphone 7 specifications and iphone 7 price estimated.As of now there is a huge demand for the iphone 7 though estimated cost is bit high this time people are eagerly waiting for the official iphone 7 release date.

iphone 7 release date

iPhone 7 release date rumours, new features: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to feature iPad-esque Smart Connector:

iPhone 7 release date rumours are flying, and we’ve picked up lots of hints about new features that could appear in the iPhone 7, from wireless charging to a touchscreen with built-in Touch ID. It’s believed that Apple is going to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, and is working on an ‘unhackable’ iPhone, after its run-in with the FBI.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launched in September 2015, so now we’re starting to excitedly think about what this year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could bring. The web is full of speculation about new iPhone(s) that Apple will launch in 2016, and in this article we gather all the rumours about the iPhone 7 release date, design, specs and new features, from wireless charging to a touchscreen displaywith built-in Touch ID. Plus any leaked photos of iPhone 7 components we get hold of, and all the cool iPhone 7 concept illustrations and videos that designers have come up wit.

We’re sure to see a next-generation iPhone 7  in 2016, but what will the new iPhone 7 look like? (Traditionally, Apple alternates between internal upgrades for the ‘S’ update, then a physical redesign for the full-number update, so a completely redesigned chassis is likely.) What new features should we expect? And when will the iPhone 7 release date come out? We round up the evidence to bring you everything there is to know about the iPhone 7  and iphone 7 plus so far.are  you waiting for iphone 7 release date? let’s  see some trusted sources regarding iphone 7 release date.

We’ve rounded up everything we know about the iPhone 7 so far, and will update this article whenever we hear more.

iPhone 7 release date rumours: Two iPhones a year:

we’re starting to excitedly think about what this year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could bring.we would expect less dramatic enhancements in each update: perhaps the full iPhone 7 in autumn, followed by an ‘S’-class update in the spring. Or Apple might choose to update its 4-inch smartphones in one set of announcements and its larger phones in the other.

iphone 7 release Date likely to be announced -2016 update:

iphone 7 Release date:
The iPhone 6S was unveiled on 9 September, and it’s likely that the iPhone 7 release date will see a similar launch date this year. We’re going to put our money on 7 September 2016. You heard it here first.

iphone 7 release date

Apple’s iPhones typically go up for pre-order a few days after they are announced, with an in-store release taking place two weeks later.

Apple will launch an affordable smartphone called the iPhone 5SE ahead of the arrival of its next flagship smartphone on 21 March, an event which is also expected to see the debut of the iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch models.

iPhone 7 release date and expected iphone 7 price:

With all these advanced features, I can anticipate the price of iPhone 7 may fall between the price range of 1000-1200 USD depending upon different locations and GB memory. The Phone could be available in contract with mobile carriers but at this point of time it is pretty hard to predict which carrier will have the privilege. With contract, the consumer will have to spend a couple of hundred dollar initially and rest can be paid in due course as contract lasts.

 iphone 7 Specifications and iphone 7 release date rumours:

If history is anything to go by, Apple’s next iPhone likely will feature a radical redesign, like the iPhone 6 was to the iPhone 5S.

iphone 7 release date

  • The first picture of the iPhone 7 has reportedly leaked (below), though, and it if legit it shows that the new design won’t be as radical as many were expecting.
  • The leaked iphone 7 image shows that it has the same shape and a very similar overall design to the iPhone 6S
  • iphone 7 use of a much less unsightly design for the plastic antenna lines. It also appears to rid of the rear-facing camera hump almost completely.
  • However, a new leak out of Macotakara allegedly shows the plus-sized model, the iPhone 7 Plus, with a protruding camera lens on its backside.
  • The next iPhone is expected to be thinner than the iPhone 6S, which could be made possible by ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack port.

iPhone 7 design and iPhone 7 release date rumors: ‘Confirmation’ that Apple is ditching 3.5mm headphone port:

iphone 7 release date

After Mac Otakara proposed the idea in late 2015  two Chinese-language sites have separately offered what they claim is ‘confirmation’, based on sources in the supply chain, that Apple will not include a 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7.And on 20 January, Cult of Mac shared iOS 9 code that could further hint at the removal of the headphone jack for the iPhone 7. Twitter user Chase Fromm highlighted a bit of code within the iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 software that reads: “Headphones.have.%input.NO.”

iPhone 7 design and iPhone 7 release date rumors: Button-less design:

In mid October, Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster (who is notorious for his Apple Television predictions, which have so far proved to be inaccurate) has suggested that the iPhone 7 won’t have a Home button, thanks to the new 3D Touch technology found in the iPhone 6s display.

iPhone 7 design and iPhone 7 release date rumors: Non-metal body:

Although liquid metal, ceramics, plastics and sapphire have all been thrown around as possibilities. We find it odd that Apple would ditch its metal design so soon after upgrading to 7000-series aluminium, but radical design changes cannot be ruled out for a full-number iPhone update, and as mentioned above a report from Business Korea in February seems to suggest that ceramic is indeed strong possibility.

 iPhone 7 release date Final verdict:

Stay tuned to latest updates for iphone 7 release date as we are closely watching each and every moment of apple’s next step we will provide you with the latest updates from tech giant.we will let you know once the official iphone 7 release date is confirmed.please subscribe to get the iphone 7 release date to your inbox as soon as possible .so that you can’t miss the pre registration for new iphone 7.


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