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The Google phone app is one of the best dials for Android straight it is known for exciting features unfortunately you cannot download and install google phone app officially but don’t worry there is a good news for all so today I will be showing you how to download Google phone app on any Android device so welcome back to get travel tips for this method your device must be rooted and yeah we will take a look at bootloader that we  need to have  installed it so let’s get started

Here are the simple steps to Install Google Phone app on any android phone:

First of all get into magisk app now if you dont have magisk app installed in your please install as this is mandatory install google phone framework.

google phone app install

  • Once you open the majestic app
  • Type on the menu button on the left and
  • Go towards downloads from here search for google dialer framework in the search bar and you’ll find only one module and this is one we need hit on the download arrow it will pop up asking to install Google dialer framework

Google dialer freamework for google phone app

  • when it is done tap the reboot
  • After the restart launch Play Store and search for Google phone and from here you’ll find the phone app to make sure you will find Google Inc under the title now download
  • Install the app like you normally does once it finishes installing you don’t open it if we go down you will find a become beta tester section this is entirely optional but it n choose you can always be on top of the newest updates from Google before they go public this is especially useful for testing new Google phone features on a non pixel smartphone so tap on join now if you would like to join but wait before you open you should enable all the permissions in order to run the app without any issues for that head up to settings
  • Open Google’s phone app app permissions

and enable all one by one app requires many permission to use a lot of the features especially location for the nearby places function go back when you are done scroll down and tap on the modify system settings section then

Enable the hello modifying system settings button on the next screen this will allow the phone app to set ringtones and make other system related changes well now all done so let’s launch the app this is how it looks you’ll notice that the app works just like it should and many of the same pixel feed and there as well we get options like caller ID and spam nearby places etc I don’t think there is an issue if there so let us know in the comment section down below if you want to make this Google phone app as default code app if so you have to go to settings tap on search icon or search by depending upon your device from their search for t for tab then type on the phone tab and select Google phone app and it will become your default handler for codes this may break the functionality of the system dialer itself when sending or receiving cards if you start noticing these issues so the default phone app back to the one that came with your system and continue using the Google phone app like normal


There are few apk version which support direct installation of google phone app on android phones please take a look at our latest post on How to install the Google Phone app on non-Pixel Android phones-Working

People are searching for specific google app phone apk, guys there are no apks availbale for each OS

Frequently searched queries:

google phone app for samsung the above step should work
google phone app apk for samsung- No specific APK is available above steps should work
google phone mod apk-No specific APK is available above steps should work
google phone apk for miui 10-No specific APK is available above steps should work
google phone go apk-No specific APK is available above steps should work
google phone app huawei-No specific APK is available above steps should work
google phone apk for lollipop- Current google  phone app version does not support lollipop OS

so that’s it guys I hope this tutorial on how to install google phone app  for all android phones was helpful thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to comment your queries and thoughts

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