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PUBG Royale Pass 7 UPDATE 1

PUBG Mobile Season 7 has landed in the dead of night. Starting at five hours prior, at 4.23am BST the authority PUBG Mobile Twitter account let fans realize that the new form of PUBG Royale Pass 7 and the amusement was taking off.

PUBG Royal Pass 7

The official Tweet reads:

“Version 0.12.5 is being rolled out as we speak! All regions should be able to update by 16:00 (GMT +8). Get ready!”

If you want some guidance on How to Update PUBG Mobile, follow the link for details on how to force update or set your smartphone to do it automatically.

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What can we expect from PUBG Royal Pass 7

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 update will bring new in-game elements including avatar frames, gun (Skorpion), avatar customisations, flight trail and parachute trail rewards. The game will also add new skins for AKM, Kar 98K, M4, UZI, level 1 and level 3 helmets and level 1 backpack


This was followed by a brief follow up tweet which simply said, “Season 7 is here! Log in now to check out all the new features!” together with a link to the official PUBG Mobile Website.

Click through and you’ll find a small truncated list of new features, but not the official patch notes, likely coming later today. We’ve included the new features and improvements below if you want a look without the hassle of visiting the website for yourself.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass will cost 600 UC to players for the Elite upgrade and 1,800 UC for the Elite Plus upgrade. Players who purchase any of these upgrades will get 100 PR points. They will also get an exclusive costume, which can either be an Urban Scavenger costume or an Assault Squad costume after crossing level 100 in the Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 UPDATE – Royale Pass release and features

What’s New:
1. New Royale Pass Season is here with the new EZ Mission License, character beard, and parachute/flight trails.
2. New Weapon: Skorpion, a machine pistol that fires 9mm rounds. Drops in all maps.
3. Added dedicated servers for players in Middle East.

Other Improvements:
1. The Subscription feature has been tuned.
2. Added category tabs to the Shop.
3. Adjusted audio to reduce interruptions.

As mentioned above, the game should be available, in all regions, by 16:00 (GMT +8). This means in the UK, it might not arrive on devices until much later tonight.

We’re still doing the mental arithmetic to work out exactly when that is based on the timezone listed above, but needless to say, expect it to drop by the end of today.

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