how to get pokemon go

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How to get pokemon go on iphone and Android for all countries???:Pokemon Go is Nintendo’s first foray into augmented reality apps for Apple and Android devices, and it has already proved to be incredibly popular, with Pokemon players around the world downloading the app and hunting for pocket in thi s tutorial i’m gonna explain you how to get pokemn go on ios and android devices regardless of your location i’ll show you step by step procedure to get the pokemon go app on your iphone and android device easily.

how to get pokemon go

Although most of the world can’t wait to catch Pokemon on their smartphones, Pokemon Go is now officially out for those in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Those in Japan and other countries around the world are still having to wait – though new regions are officially getting Pokemon Go each day.This guide on how to get Pokemon Go includes a new link to the latest version of the game – so you can safely download it without worrying.

Method 1:-How to get Pokemon Go on iOS phones

However, iPhone users can also download the game officially even though its not launched in their country. The Pokemon Go game can be installed on the iOS device by following these steps:

  • Ask a friend or a family member who lives in US or UK, and uses an iPhone.
  • Ask him if you could borrow his Apple ID and password for sometime. Hopefully he would trust you with it.
  • Now login on your iPhone with his details.
  • Search for the Pokemon Go game and download it.
  • After installation you can switch back to your own Apple ID.
  • Call your friend back, and thank him.
  •  You are now ready to catch ’em all.

The method above, though legal, is not completely official. However, this work around could help you get the game in your country. If you do not know anyone in the US or UK, you could still install the game on your iPhone, provided you jailbroken device.

how to get pokemon go

Method 2:-How to download and install Pokémon Go on iPhone

If you have an iPhone or another iOS device, then the process for getting Pokémon Go is slightly different.

While Pokémon Go is available on the App Store, if it’s not available in your country follow our instructions on how to download and install it.

Log out of your Apple ID

First of all, you’ll need to make your iPhone belive you’re in a region that can download Pokémon Go. Open up Settings on your iPhone, tap on ‘Apple ID’ and select to sign out.

Now go back into Settings and select General > Language & Region. Set your region as US, New Zealand or Australia – all of these regions can download Pokémon Go.

Open up the App Store

Now open up the App Store. Search for Pokémon Go and it should appear. If it doesn’t choose a free app to download and select ‘Create new Apple ID’.

Go through the process of creating an Apple ID and select ‘None’ in the Billing menu and add a US, New

how to get pokemon go

Zealand or Australian address. Google can come in handy here if you need to search for an address.

how to get pokemon go

Download Pokémon Go onto your iPhone

Now you can download and install Pokémon Go onto your iPhone or iPad. Once Pokémon Go is released in your region you can sign back in with your Apple ID – though you may need to reinstall Pokémon Go

For Android users:How to get Pokemon Go on Android Devices

For Android users it’s quite easy as there are lot of third party app side loading resources are available.In below tutorial i’m gonna give you complete steps on how to get pokemon go on your android device.The links given below will allow you to download the APK file and sideload it to your Android devices. Simply download the apk file, copy it to your phone’s internal storage and tap on the apk file from any file browser app. the app will install and you are set to go. However, installing third-party apps requires you to enable a setting from your smartphone’s control panel.

  • Head to the security setting on your Android

how to get pokemon go

  • and locate and enable ‘unknown sources’. This will allow you to install an app without Google Play. Different Android versions will have the settings in different locations—some may see it in ‘applications’, while others see it in ‘security’.

how to get pokemon go

Download links:

APK Mirror

APK Queen


Other ways of doing so is by downloading via torrents and third-party app market apps.

Hope you got the pokemon go on your iphone and android device if you are facing any problems please do let me know i’ll try to answer your query.That’s it all about how to get pokemon go and diffrent devices in all locations.If you are not sure about third party sites please avoid choosing them beacuse they may cause damage to your phone.mentioned download link are trustworthy links.If you have any suggestions please let me know i’ll be more than happy to welcome all valid suggestions thank you.

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