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How to clear cache on android and clear android cache is something that everyone look. You need to wipe cache partition on the frequent basis, and you need to know how to clear android cache. On the users demand, we have decided to share step by step guide to clear android cache data on the android.Now stay I will show you step by step with pictures to clear android cache.

Cache is the place where all the temporary files or information are stored for faster access in the future. You’ll notice the difference, whenever you open any old app, it seems to faster when you compared to the newly installed one.

As I said, caches are stored temporarily, which means it needs space. Cached data helps you torun your android phone faster so that your overall productivity increase. It is fair to clear android cache on the regular basis so that it doesn’t accumulate and capture your free space.

In this, We’ll walk you through the complete process of clear cache on android phone. These methods of clear cache android lollipop work for many another android phone with versions like android 2.2 .

clear chache

Let us dive in!

Why Cached Data Is Necessary?

Well, to be honest, I’ll share the real fact below.

You have already known about the cache but have you thought why it is essential to an Android smartphone.

  • Cache stores Data/files temporarily for faster access.
  • Web browsers are the primary place we use cache to grasp the web pages faster.
  • Android Apps uses the cache mechanism for better performance and quick loading.
  • The most recently accessed data in your android phone is stored in the cache memory.
  • Cache is the cost-effective way to speed up any process.

Advantages of Clearing Android Caches?

  • Free-up huge space in your internal memory, within which android caches are stored.
  • Increase your Android phone performance for somewhat extent.
  • Apps crashing can be prevented by clearing an android cache.
  • By clearing Android browsers cache, you can easily fetch the new and updated live we pages.

That’s it,

Now you figured out the advantages of clearing android cache. You continue to clear android cache .

Let’s dive in!

How To Clear android Cache on  Mobile Phone 2016

Android cached data can accumulate in each of the individual Android apps, which may occupy your internal memory that seizes your phone’s performance. So to bring back your phone’s speed back, you need to clear android cache.

Method # 1. Clear Cache on Android Apps Manually

Here we will walk you through the complete process of clear cache on the Android phone for each individual apps.

Step #1. First off, Go to menu and click on the settings.

Step #2. Then click on “Apps” (Note: this option may differ from phone to phone or android version. Click on the similar title like Apps Manager, etc.

clear cache android

Step #3. Then You need to select the app which occupying great memory and click on them. (Note: you need choose the app which you won’t use anymore or no longer using)

clear cache android

Step #4.  Once you have to click on the app to clear cache on the Android app, you need to scroll down and click on “Clear cache“.

clear cache android

That’s it .Now you have cleared the cache on your android phone. By doing so, you’ll notice some ups in your Android performance and processing speed.

#2. How to Clear Android Cache For All Apps At Once

It is a daunting task to clear cached data on your Android apps individually, you need to clear all your apps cached data at once. You can follow the below guide to clear android cache on the smartphone.

Step #1. First off, go to the menu and click settings.

Step #2. Then click on the Storage (or something similar to that).

clear android cache

Step 3)Then scroll down and click on the Cached Data and click Ok when it prompts for confirmation.

clear android cache

That’s it,

Now you have successfully cleared cached data on your Android phone. If you don’t like to mess around this, you can employ the Android app to clear cache on android recovery mode.

#3. How to Clear Cache On Android Phone Using App

Android Apps are the best ready-made employers to make your work done. You can easily clear android cache with Android cache cleaner that is a free app that works smart.App Cache Cleaner is an easy-to-use tool for clearing application cached files and freeing up storage space on your device. And the best thing is, you don’t have to ROOT your phone anymore to do so!

This app is crucial to any device that has memory management issues

How to use App Cache Cleaner;

  1. Download App cache cleaner to your Android phone.
  2. Once you have installed App Cache Cleaner, you can easily perform your cache clearing process.
  3.  Select the apps that you need to clear the cache for, and then hit the button below Clear.

That’s all now you can easily clear android cache without any hassle. These are the best methods to clear cache android for any mobile phone.

You clear android cache for the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

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