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Because of present situation due to COVID -19 , pandemics and  isolation measures in most countries, course providers are offering learning content for free or at a heavily discounted price.So why to waste time lets just learn and build our career during this lock down period, The online courses list doesn’t confined to any particular category, you can literally can get any free online college courses.

Free courses online

Free online courses under covid -19:

As corona started spreading all over the world , few organizations came forward to provide premium online courses as free courses for different skill set people which were premium courses earlier

Below are the free course  links for people who are working under IT  department .


People who are willing to learn python,Azure,AWS,python,Oracle SQL,PLSQL , Informatica,Jitterbit …etc many more course Udemy providing 700+ free courses for Techies  who can re-skill and increase the knowledge in different domains. Udemy offers plenty of free online courses with certificates

it just require simple one time sign in . it also provide training’s for different domains like communication,leadership courses,learning different languages etc.

Google’s Free online courses for cloud technologies:

In this time hard times of corona and  transition to home working, Google want to empower you to build new skills on cloud technology

Google cloud platform GCP is also providing free courses and platform for one month where you can skill yourself on GCP you just need to register once and can enjoy free service for one month under covid -19 .

free onine courses

under one month free trail  to GCP training include online courses via Coursera Specializations or Pluralsight Paths. Coursera Specializations, for instance, normally cost $49 per month. Requires simple sign-up.


Amazon is providing free training  courses for freshers /Students , and  experienced IT people where they have to register once in AWS console and enjoy free aws service for one month and learn redshift,IAM,Glue and many more services .even students can also refer the below link and go through the free courses.


students who are willing to learn basic of C,C#,Basic of python ,java for free in covid 19 please register yourself and enjoy learning .for experience techies also IBM provides free course to cross skill or improve knowledge in different skills ibm providing 100+ free training courses  100+ Free IBM Training Courses: Includes courses about IBM’s Cloud and Watson platforms, and professional development in general. Requires simple sign-up.


Offers 50+ hours worth of educational material and 6 certification exams for Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and autonomous databases. Most of these certifications normally cost $245. Requires simple sign-up.

Latest updated Free online courses with their Expire dates:


[Added: April 12 – Expires: June 24] Free Azure Training & Certification: Includes full-day webinars to learn Microsoft Azure basics as well as a voucher for a certification exam. The certification normally costs $100.


[Added: April 12] 3-Month Free Tableau Training: Includes courses exploring all facets of the data science software Tableau. A subscription normally costs $15 per month. Requires simple sign up.

Certificate courses are a range of free online courses that are designed to provide training and certifications, so that you can add them to your profile to crack any interview with ease.

Hope you find our list of free courses useful, Please let us now your favorite spot in comments to learn new skills.

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