monster hunter 4 ultimate pc

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC: Hello guys,I am amazed with the best stunning game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game on PC .Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC is a robust game, and while fans of previous games in the franchise are likely prepared for this variety of monster hunting, the game play may seem daunting to players new to the series. But fear not! There are a few basic things that can make the on boarding process more painless, and we’ve put together some basic tips and tricks to help you get started and become a monster fighting machine.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the second game in the Monster Hunter series to be released on the Nintendo 3DS.

Who is getting started with monster hunter 4 ultimate PC? For those Beginners

I might be getting ahead of myself, so for the benefit of anyone who’s never played a Monster Hunter 4 ultimate pc game before, here’s how it goes down. You kit up your hunter with potions, food, whetstones – all the usual jazz. Then, you roll out and (usually) try to kill something. Then you cut bits off it and make them into stuff. Then you equip that stuff and go back to kill something else, or sometimes the same sort of thing again. (You’ll often find yourself belting a monster in the face with a sword made out bits of its own mother’s arse.)

monster hunter 4 ultimate pc

It’s a lot more complicated than that, though. There are literally thousands of materials and craftables, and very little of it is very obvious. There’s a ton of status effects and elemental varieties, over a dozen weapon classes – each with God knows how many examples, wildly diverging armor trees

Best Features of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PCMonster Hunter 4G/Ultimate:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC is a friendlier game all round, in fact, but the trademark difficulty remains. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC has the gentlest on-ramp of any of the games so far, with better explanations of systems and controls than ever, but it’s still a learning curve which swings away well past the horizon. At the time of writing I’d clocked over 120 hours, largely split between soloing the slightly easier village quests and the tougher gathering hall equivalents, and I’d still not hit the end game G-rank missions.

monster hunter 4 ultimate pc

What I’ve played of local and online multiplayer is a breeze – a long way from the clunky lobbies and fiddly connections of past games. There’s still a little obfuscation in the workings of the buddy-summoning gong system and the hunters-for-hire, but it all shakes down after a few experiments. If you’re still in the dark, a quick Google will lead you to a world of tutorials, walk throughs and explanations or even there are android apps to Guide you on how to play new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC 

Free Download Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC Quick reference Database From Playstore:

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Features Include:
* Quest List with Goals, Subquest, and Rewards
* Monster Weakness, Carves, and Habitats
* Gathering Points with Drop Percentages
* Location Maps including Gathering Points
* Full Weapon Trees with creation materials
* Armor List with Skills and creation materials
* Item Combinations
* Decorations
* Searchable Items list including Decorations, Weapons, and Armor
* Skill List
* Linked cross-referencing for all data
* Wishlist! Create a list of wanted items and see all the materials needed.
* Lots of planned features for the near future

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Get the game  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC /Monster Hunter 4 (Nintendo 3DS) (NTSC)

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                                                 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC beginner tips and tricks:

  • . Combat requires patience
  • Gather materials and expand your combo list
  • Study your prey
  • Plan your combat carefully
  • Use all the information you’re given
  • Lock your camera to your target
  • Track your opponent during long battles
  • Consider capturing – rather than killing – your prey
  • Use terrain to gain an advantage

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If you still need in depth guide for monster hunter 4 ultimate pc  you can refer the best guide

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Hope you guys enjoying the game.Though it requires lot of practice to achieve levels on monster hunter 4 ultimate pc .Still there are lot of resources to get you started in this game.Don’t be confused you will learn about monster hunter 4 ultimate pc more while playing itself .The more you play the more you become perfect.

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